Derrière l’oeuvre…l’émotion!


Behind the work...the emotion!

My name is Line LUBIN and I sign my works under the name of Linou and wish to share with you my passion for art.
I have always expressed myself through drawing, photography and dance. The various forms of Art challenge me, but since a few years I am more attracted by digital art. I discovered digital art which allows me to create, communicate and share my emotions and I hope beauty in general.
Passionate and insatiable, I create digital art most often abstract, with shapes, reliefs, colors. Attaching and optimistic paintings that do good to the heart and soul.
I am interested in all styles, abstract, figurative... everything pleases and excites me. I work on different softwares in order to obtain intensity, matter and depth. I use contrasts, shapes, colors, movements, rhythms, sometimes slow, sometimes fast and vibrations.
I live things in a very particular way and I express them in my own way.

My artistic journey really started in 2016 following the sudden death of my son... As you can imagine, there followed some very difficult moments, a deep descent into hell... A part of me had died... almost dead....

To try to alleviate my pain, I travel the world and feed off my travels. I also realize that I have weird, strange and penetrating nocturnal dreams... almost alive and often incomprehensible.

I retranscribe the emotions of my dreams, through symbolism, at the moment of waking up... It happens that, depending on the closeness I have with the characters of my dreams and the intensity of the emotions I feel, I keep this feeling of strangeness for a few days.

From then on, my life is devoted to creativity, and it is through art that it expresses itself most freely.

I wish to share with you pleasure, joy, hope... to share feelings to bring out what is most beautiful in each of us... but also to appeal to your reflection and facilitate your introspection. I like to share my feelings to bring out what is most beautiful in each one of us!

Pushing back the barriers of language, I communicate with shapes and colors.

For me art is a springboard to an emotion... we like or we don't like... in any case we necessarily feel things...

Don't trust appearances! Everything is energy! Everything is in motion at every moment!

I invite you to travel with me...beyond reality. Because behind the veil, everything lives!

Don't forget...only the present moment counts!


Van Gogh, Orlinsky, Richard Orlinsky, Gustave Klimt


Van Gogh, Orlinsky, Richard Orlinsky, Gustave Klimt


1988-1993 Master Sciences Economiques PARIS, France

L'artiste au travail

Cote de l'artiste certifiée: Les travaux de Linou ont été évalués par un expert indépendant.

Certification 2020 : 2 000,00 € (2 355,80 $US)
La certification a été établie par Jacques-Armand Akoun le 7 sept. 2020.
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